Feb 17: A Cru from Silicon Valley’s up and coming city, Redwood City


Pizza Verdure at Cru’s in Redwood city:


CRU’s is what you would call a boutique restaurant. It’s a mix of tapas with Italian food. They had this, out of the world poached and potatoes dish with a slight drizzle of truffle oil, Yum….. But the one I’m going to describe will blow your mind off. Imagine… You’re sitting on a wooden table, with a wooden clipboard as the menu. 10 minutes later, that menu’s gone and there is one dish on the table. A pizza, not just any pizza. It has cheese, not just any cheese. Burrata Cheese. Finally vegetables, not ju… Ok, you get the point. When you take the bite, it is like eating a piece of cloud/heaven. The fluffiness of the bread, combining with the soft but warm cheese, and also the farm to table veggies give a perfect crunch and gooeyness to the pizza. All of these flavors combined feel like it’s a miracle come true. Ok, lets snap back to reality, how did that feel. Felt like a dream right. If you want to make that dream reality, then go to CRU’s.


The chef takes 3 days to make the pizza dough and they make it in a wood fired oven. The service is quick but really efficient , there are great choices for vegetarian as well. The ambiance is clean, country style , rustic and has wine bottles covering the wall. CRU’s is a must visit.


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