March (17) Food “Madness”: Lamb and Saratoga, CA

Image result for plumed horse lamb

Disclaimer: This restaurant is very expensive. It is worth every single cent of pocket money you have.

We drove all the way from Palo Alto to saratoga to taste the food at Plumed Horse. This is a Michelin 1 star restaurant. Out of all the option they had, I am featuring a Mars lamb. By that, I mean out of this world lamb that you wont get anywhere else. This lamb was like cutting into butter, it was so juicy, as juicy as Jamba Juice. Lamb when not cooked to perfection tastes very tough and rubbery, the fact that the chef got the lamb so perfect, says something about this restaurant. This is what made this lamb so special. What brought this dish together was the green salad and the dollop of coffee cream. This was the perfect go to side dish for the juicy lamb. After every bite of juicy lamb, I had a some tender greens, and a pinch of sweet to go in my mouth.


If you live near Palo Alto, be sure to do some extra chores for the gas. It’s a long drive.

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