Apr 17: Green’s Re-imagines Vegetarian in San Francisco

Green’s in San Francisco is one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the Bay Area, no no no… the best in Northern California , no no no …. The best in all of California, no no no…. The best in America no no no… Ok I will stop, hands down the best .The uniqueness and the creativity of the food comes, because the chef is known to take risk in creating her menu. Annie Somerville trained under the original chef Deborah Madison and is the executive chef since 1985. They had a wide and unique variety of cuisine ranging from Indian Thali to innovative Pizza. With all the options on the menu, the one that intrigued me was the Asparagus Pizza, I love vegetables on my pizza, so I went for it.


It was just cheesy deliciousness when it entered my mouth. After that came the crunchy perfectly cooked asparagus. Every bite had the gooeyness, but then also that beautiful crunch. What makes this pizza so unique is the variety of the cheese blend – Feta and Asiago, not many chef dare to use these 2 combined. Then there was the crust, the crust was just another story. It takes action to describe the crust (an action is like a 1000 words). This crust really brought me back to New York. It was such a flaky yet crunchy crust. Unlike most of the pizza places that have fluffy crust. If I had 5 words to describe this dish, it would be “The Mona Lisa of Food.”


Just a reminder again, this restaurant is purely vegetarian, combined with a deadly view of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re ever visiting San Francisco on a sunny day (I know, it’s always cloudy) Green’s is the place to go, but make sure to get your reservation. IF not they have a small To Go bar on the side, where you can buy some delicious sandwiches and soups to go.




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