August 17 Part 2: Napa’s best kept Italian Food secret

Oenotri Italian Restaurant In Napa Valley

Hmmm, what should I write about. Good pasta with bad pesto sauce, Nah. Good pesto sauce with bad pasta, even more Nah. Ding!!! I know, good pasta with good pesto sauce. Even more ding!!! I know where to go. Oenotri(O-no-tree) is a classic Italian restaurant in downtown Napa. I understand the name is kinda complicated, but that doesn’t make the food complicated. It’s very much the opposite. I had a fresh pesto sauce with a fresh pasta with some chopped pine nuts and cheese. The nuts gave a crunchy texture and the cheese gave it some kick. Other than that, it was a simple dish. This was ideal because on every bite, I didn’t have like thirty different flavors I have to focus one, but just three. Other than the just there pasta, all there fruits and vegetables. For appetizer, we had a stone fruit salad which all the fruits were from that day. After that we had a Caprese which used fresh cheese and fresh tomatoes from their farms. All these foods were fresh because the chef had changed the menu based on what was good that day, all the way from the Caprese to the stone fruit salad.unnamed.jpg

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