September 17 : Yummy Chinese in Palo Alto

Now that I am back in California and back to school, I’ve realized that, boy middle school is lot of work but we always find time to hit my favourite restaurants once in awhile.


My favorite local restaurant is Tai Pan, and by favorite, I truly mean favorite. A hidden gem in Palo Alto, quiet but vibrant. Tai Pan is a local Chinese cuisine favorite, with high quality food and ingredients.The place always takes me back to when we spent a summer in China, of course vacationing and enjoying great food. My favorite dishes are their claypot fish and fried rice. If I had to pick, it would be the claypot fish. Tai Pan takes fish to the next level, actually even to 2 levels higher. If i’m being generous, maybe even 3. That’s how scary good this restaurant is. The fish at Tai Pan is specially served in a hot steaming claypot with mouth watering sauce, soft tofu, and flavorful chewy mushrooms. Oh wait, I forgot, and the best fish ever. The claypot fish is the only life changing fish I’ve ever tasted. Well not life changing, taste bud changing. Let me give you the scoop from the top. My sister used to hate fish, like hate it hate it. But one faithful day, she tried the one and only Tai Pan fish. Well, from that day onwards, she has become a fish lover. That’s the scoop folks, and live from Aarav Blog, it’s fish complementing time.


The fish is bundle of flavor tenderness, high quality ingredients and yumminess in one bite. The sauce they use has a tint of garlic with a smooth as silk texture. The sauce compliments the dish extremely well because it soaks the flavors of everything. Other than the fish, my favorite part of the dish is the mushrooms and tofu. In my opinion, the combination of tofu and mushroom is coincidental because they have the same texture profiles as the fish. What I mean is, the tofu is very similar to the inside tender part of the fish, and the mushroom is chewy like the outside of the fish.

2 thoughts on “September 17 : Yummy Chinese in Palo Alto

  1. What an awesome idea to begin this blog, Aarav! Bravo! I can’t wait to eat viacariously through you! (Reading and looking at pictures has no calories!)


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