Nov 17: Maui’s Coconuts Fish Tacos


17 ingredients. 7 textures. 500 flavors. 1 dish.

To an average person, this may sound like food heaven. But to a person who has been to Coconuts in Hawaii, it’s not a dream, its reality. Not just any reality, fish taco reality. Fish tacos don’t sound exactly appealing, but once you get a feel (or taste) for what they really are, you’ll understand why I’m writing fish tacos for this months blog.

Out of the 17 ingredients, the ones that stood were the fish (Of course), corn tortilla (another of course), coleslaw, tomatoes, pineapple. The fish was very tender and melted in your mouth. I think other than just the way they prepared the Mahi Mahi, it was the type that really mattered. I think using a mild flavored, but more tender fish complemented the dish by not overpowering the other ingredients and adding another texture. On the other hand, the coleslaw and pineapple didn’t bring as much texture to the table, but brought significantly more flavor. Both the coleslaw and pineapple were sweet which is where the tomato comes in. The tomato being a savory ingredient really cut through the different sweetness and stood out. The chef did a great job of just putting the right amount of tomatoes so it won’t over power the dish, or even not be present in the dish.

The seven textures Saucy, Crunchy , Soft, Squishy, Chewy, Juicy, Tender. Guess what these are, they’re the Seven layers to heaven.

Digging in like a fish taco master


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