Tra Vigne: A Dish From Heaven

Brasswood, just one of the best restaurants with one of the best chef. Here’s the scoop. In 2016 90% of the staff from the best in St. Helena, Tra Vigne moved to Brasswood after everybody lost their jobs in Tra Vigne. Including the chef, that’s the biggie. Chef David Nuño is one of the most accomplished chef and has lead the restaurant Tra Vigne, which itself is a very accomplished restaurant. One of his most popular dishes is the Wild Mushroom Ravioli. I know its veggie, but one thing my mom taught me through words and food is that just because it’s veggie, doesn’t mean its bad. This was a masterpiece of al dente, truffle, mushroom and yuminess coming together in harmony only found in the best of operas. First of all, this pasta wasn’t too al dente like a spaghetti but not undercooked like ramen noodles. This is a perfect texture just for ravioli. It is an art to make ravioli wrappers because if you make it too chewy, it will overshadow the flavor of the filling, if its not cooked enough, all the filling will fall out and make for a messy plate. Secondly, the filling. OMG. This filling was legitimate. It was the real deal. The mushrooms were thinly sliced with a little truffle on top. The texture on this felt like an indian paneer gravy dish. Finally, the sauce was a very similar taste to the filling with a less viscous consistency. The  three parts of the dish were like three layers. First layer, the ravioli wrapper. Second layer, the mushroom filling. Third layer, the mushroom sauce. These three layers were what made this dish in my mind a michelin standard dish. To finish the dish, they added a a crunchy fried kale to an otherwise soft dish.

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