UnForgettable Fondue

A classic dessert, but a yummy one to. Who wouldn’t want a smooth and silky bowl of chocolate with fruits and marshmallows ready to dip. Which is why… I didn’t pass up the opportunity. I know you guys are jealous so I am going to make you even more jealous by describing this delectable delightful dish that will never be erased from your memory. This chocolate fondue was a very simple dish but made with high quality ingredients. The three ingredients they used were an 80% dark chocolate, cream, and butter. These were no ordinary ingredients, these were ingredients that were locally sourced which is why the chocolate fondue stood out from others. Along with the fondue, the fruits that were used to dip in the chocolate were some of the freshest and most tasty fruits I have ever had. Out of all the items that were on the platter, my favorites were the marshmallows and the bananas. 

Another experience that was very similar was the Truffle Cheese Fondue I also had at the Walliser Stube. This fondue was not your classic, overpowering cheese, overpowering truffle fondue. It was still cheesy, Yes. But not to powerful from any of the flavors. This is what I really enjoyed from the dish. Another aspect of the dish I enjoyed was the combination of truffle and cheese. The truffle gave a kick to the dish and the cheese gave a gooey and rich texture to the dish which the truffle did not contribute. Out of the whole experience, the ambiance and the way the served it and how my family could all share the fondue was probably the favorite part for me. This experience could have only come a dish like fondue because always tastes a lot better when you have people eating it with you. This is why I like fondue so much. Now that I am a sure you are a 100% jealous, let me tell you how to diminish that JEALOUSY. All you have to do is go to Lake Louise in Canada. Enter the Fairmont Hotel, go to the Walliser Stube. I know it’s actually quite a bit to do, but trust me. Its sooooooooooooo worth it.unnamed


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