A Valencian Dish Like No Other

Paella is like 20s tv. It’s binary. It’s either good or bad. But this time it was crazy good. Paella sometimes sucks up the liquid sauce, but because it was good, it didn’t. The rice was the perfect consistency so it didn’t soak up the feeling of the soupiness if the sauce but only the flavors. The flavor in the sauce, was a tomato broth, but because of the shrimp and sausage, it felt like surf and turf. Along with the incredible flavor, the texture of the sauce was the perfect in between of thick and liquid. This was so important because if it was to liquified, the Paella would become soup-like, and if it was too thick, the sauce wouldn’t absorb as much flavor as it needed to. This and texture profile along with the tomato flavor of the sauce combined to create a broth in heaven. Other than the surf and turf flavors contributed by the shrimp and sausage, they also gave a another dimension of texture. The chewiness from the shrimp, the crumbliness of the sausage and the melt in your mouth feeling combined together was just a match made in heaven. I know you’re drooling buy now. And the only way to satisfy that desire is to visit La Cosecha in Paso Robles.

Address835 12th St, Paso Robles, CA 93446
Lamb Shank

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