To Rave For Or To Not Rave For Reviews: Edition Angelomio’s

Hey, guys again! From now on, every time I visit a restaurant I will be writing a few things about it. I will give it a rating for, ambiance, service and most importantly the food itself. I will also mention what food I ate, two things I liked about the dish and two things that could use improvement in the dish. Today’s edition is about Angelomio’s!!!

Angelomio’s is a quiet but large restaurant in the heart of Menlo downtown. Their food is extremely high quality with a taste of home. The dish I had was the Seafood Pasta. As some of you might know from my first post ever, this is one of my favorite combinations of food.

2 Glows(Favorites)

  • The way the salmon was cooked
  • The Al Dante texture of the pasta


2 Grows(Improvement)

  • There were not enough prawns
  • I personally don’t like calms so the clams were a disappointment for me



  • Ambiance
    • 70/100
      • The quality of the paintings was not very high but the restaurant had a very Italian feel to it
  • Service
    • 80/100
      • The people were very nice and friendly and were very patient
  • Food
    • 85/100
      • The ingredient used and the flavors presented were extraordinary but there were some improvements needed like the prawns


Address820 Santa Cruz Ave, Menlo Park, CA 94025


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