Father’s Day Fun

A Little Intro:

For this fathers day, my sister and I decided we would make lunch for the family. Because we had a taken a cooking elective at school, we took our skills from that and applied it to make a delectable fathers day dish.



A culinary special of mine, its an Asian influenced soup with some dumplings and homemade noodles. When the soup first enters your mouth, the taste of tomato and spinach hits you, then the pepper and garlic, and finally the spices. The mixture of all the ingredients felt like a rasam (Indian soup-like dish) with Chinese influenced flavors. What made this an Asian soup and not an Italian one was the various helping ingredient we used. Some examples are the cilantro, sriracha sauce, and soy sauce. Along with the soup were the noodles and dumplings. The noodles were homemade and added a chewy texture. Finally, the dumplings added a meaty flavor that was lacking otherwise in the dish.


A classic Chinese dish with a little bit of spice. Let us welcome our Entree of the day, Fried Rice!!! This fried rice had a perfect texture because of the mix of white rice and brown rice which contributed a mix of flavors in the rice alone. The vegetables in the dish provided a variety of textures, the carrots were crunchy, the peas were mushy, and the corns were sweet and chewy. These textures and flavors combined together with the garlic, soy sauce and chili sauce created a great base, but the protein part of the dish was the chicken. The chicken was soy-based but still retained a similar texture and flavor profile to the real deal. Finally, along with the chicken, there was an orange chicken sauce. This sauce complemented the spiciness of the fried rice while adding flavor to the chicken.



To round out the meal, we created a simple but beautifully plated mixture of fresh fruits, ice cream, and banana bread. From the sweetness of the strawberries, tartness, the sweetness of the mango, and the soft blueberries, the fruits provided a plethora of flavors and textures which perfectly added to the banana bread and ice cream. The banana bread was perfectly baked, warm and had walnuts which really gave a crunch. To top it all of, there was a vanilla ice cream which went perfectly well with the fruits and banana bread.



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