To Rave For Or Not Rave For Reviews: Paris Edition

Il Gusto Sardo

Truffle Pasta: This dish was one of the simplest dishes I had but the quality of ingredients and the execution was near flawless. The truffle sauce was not overpowering but also brought a great flavor along with the al dente texture of the pasta.

Taste: 98/100

Service: 80/100

Ambiance: 91/100

2 Things I Liked

  • The al dente texture of the pasta
  • The amount of flavor in the truffle sauce

2 Things That Could Use Improvement

  • The white truffle shavings didn’t have enough flavor
  • There was no vegetable or a side dish that came with it to add some proteins


Le Petit Prince De Paris

Pesto Shrimp: This was by far the best dish on the whole Paris trip. The combination of the pesto with the strongly flavored shrimp was so good. Another thing that made this dish so good was the finely chopped walnuts which gave a crunch to the dish.

Taste: 99/100

Service: 85/100

Ambiance: 83/100

2 Things I Liked:

  • The combination of the flavors of shrimp and pesto
  • The crunch of the walnuts

2 Things That Could Use Improvement:

  • In my opinion, the pesto was too strong
  • The pesto could have also been made with less oil


Lamb Shank: The lamb shank was perfectly cooked with a chewiness on the outside and a tender texture on the inside. With a flavor lamb sauce, the dish was very balanced and wasn’t to dry, or soaked in sauce.

Taste: 92/100

Service: 90/100

Ambiance: 80/100

2 Things I Liked

  • The texture profile of the dish
  • The plating of the dish

2 Things That Could Use Improvement

  • The saltiness of the lamb sauce
  • The lack of vegetables









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