To Rave For Or Not To Rave For: Edition India Part 2 (Bangalore)

Feast Of India (Bangalore)

Feast of India is a relatively new restaurant located on one of the busiest streets in Bangalore. It is a North Indian restaurant with options varying from different types of bread and rice to kebabs, curries and much more. Being a huge a shrimp and prawn fan, I went for one of the prawn dishes which was the Jhingah Salan. The base of the dish was a rich and creamy peanut and walnut sauce infused with herbs so the sauce wasn’t too nutty.

Ambiance: 93/100

Service: 94/100

Taste: 88/100


2 Things I Liked:

  • The creaminess and nuttiness of the sauce
  • The flavor that the prawn contributed to the dish

2 Things That Could Use Improvement:

  • There could have a been a little more spice in the dish to give it a kick
  • There could have been more prawns overall

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