A Lamb Shank Not To Forget

Lamb Shank from Le Pichet in Paris:

Lamb Shank is one of my favorite foods of all times. In this world, there are two types of lamb shank. One where the meat just falls off the bone and is soooooo tender. And the other type is where the meat is chewier but retains the flavor of lamb better. For me, a mix of both of these us better and this is how it was served. Overall, the dish consisted of only the lamb itself and the lamb sauce so it was incredibly simple. Going back to the lamb, the most flavor was on the outside, in addition, the outside was incredibly chewy unlike the meat near the bone. The meat near the bone just came off so easily and I didn’t even need to cut it. On top of all of this, the lamb sauce had a strong flavor of lamb which went well with the meat near the bone that lacked the flavor of lamb. The one thing this dish could have used was some vegetables. The vegetables would have really given the dish fresh components while also providing some flavor.




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