An Affordable yet Delectable Sushi-Burrito

Sushirrito: 448 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301

This months blog is a little off course with what I normally do. The restaurant I will be talking about is sushirrito, an affordable, Japanese-Latin mix of a sushi and burrito. This may seem weird but it is an absolute bundle of yumminess. The sushirrito I will be talking about today is the Sumo Crunch. It consists of, shrimp tempura, sliced cucumbers, ginger guacamole, crab and sriracha aioli. My favorite flavor combination is the crab and shrimp. I love this because shrimp has a very neutral flavor, but it has a great texture profile with chewiness from the shrimp itself and the crispness of the tempura. Along with the sweet and seafood flavor from the crab, this was a perfect match. Another thing I enjoyed was the sriracha aioli which was creamy but also had a little kick to it which complemented the crab very well. The only thing I didn’t enjoy very much was the cucumber, but this is probably influenced by my disliking of cucumber. Finally, another great reason for sushirrito is their flavor and texture combinations. In my opinion, this is one of the huge reasons they are so popular. One every single one of their dishes, you can never go wrong because they use fresh ingredients and the combination of all the ingredients and flavors is always soooooo perfect.


Buddha Belly – An eggplant and mushroom sushirrito

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