To Rave For Or Not To Rave For: Edition Fusion Delight

Sushirrito (Palo Alto):

Sushirrito is a trendy bay area restaurant serving a wacky mix of Latin and Japanese, or as the title suggests, Sushi and Burrito. The dish I ordered was a crab and shrimp based sushirrito which had a mix of crunchiness, softness from the rice, sweetness from the crab and much more.

Ambiance: 74/100

Service: 85/100

Taste: 94/100

2 Things I Liked:

  • The combination of flavor from the crab, shrimp, rice, and nori (seaweed)
  • The different texture combinations you got from all the different ingredients, first the crunch from the tempura flakes coated with chili powder, then the rice and nori, then the crab and shrimp and finally the cucumbers.

2 Things That Could Use Improvement:

  • I felt like there too many cucumbers and not enough shrimp pieces
  • I thought the ginger guac cut through the crab too sharply




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