To Rave For Or Not To Rave For: Edition Berlin Part 1

Peffer and Salz (Potsdam near Berlin):

Peffer and Salz is a classic little cozy Italian restaurant with great flavors and yummy homemade food. The dish I ordered was the Spaghetti Carbonara. This a yummy egg yolk and creams sauce with beautifully caramelized onions and streaky bacon. The combination of the bacon, onions and al-dente pasta created a delectable delight.

Ambiance: 60/100

Service: 75/100

Taste: 96/100

2 Things I Liked:

  • The bacon oil from the bacon combined with the caramelized onions added a whole new component to the carbonara you normally wouldn’t find
  • The balance between egg yolk and cream in the sauce for the pasta

2 Things That Could Use Improvement:

  • I thought there were too many onions which overpowered the pasta
  • I’m not a big fan of bacon so… I didn’t like the bacon



Kin Dee (Berlin):

A fancy modern take on Thai classics. In a restaurant offers a spectacular experience, it also had good food to back up their great reputation. The dish I had was the very crispy tofu with a flavorful sauce and perfectly charred shrimp.

Ambiance: 73/100

Service: 93/100

Taste: 88/100

2 Things I Liked:

  • The tofu was a good balance between crispiness of the outside and soft tofu
  • The char on the shrimp and the amount of time it was cooked complimented the tofu

2 Things That Could Use Improvement:

  • The amount of shrimp on the plate I felt was not enough
  • Mixed with the crispy tofu was some egg, in my opinion, I though the egg was a little overcooked



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