With solid flavors, this restaurant is really as simple as Pepper and Salt

Peffer and Salz: Brandenburger Str. 47, 14467 Potsdam, Germany

A delicious marinara penne with creamy burrata on top

This delectable restaurant directly translates as salt and pepper from Italian. And just like salt and pepper, it’s delicious but very simple. At Peffer and Salz, the dish I chose to enjoy was the carbonara. Carbonara is one of my favorite dishes so I was super excited to see how it would taste. When the dish came, the pasta was steaming hot and very creamy from the rich high-quality egg yolk. The four main and only ingredients in the dish were a rich yolk sauce, an al dente pasta, fatty bacon, and sweet and pungent caramelized onions. The two main flavors in this dish that I felt worked in harmony were the onions and sauce and the pasta and bacon. First off, the caramelization on the onions and their bold flavor balanced out with a smooth, rich and creamy texture and flavor of the sauce. Alongside this, buttery nature of carmelizing onions paired well with sauce. On the other hand, the reason the pasta and bacon worked so well together was for two reasons. The first one was that both the pasta and bacon had a bite to them which is always a great texture for any dish. Also, pasta is normally quite bland so the fatty and flavorful bacon balanced out the flatness of the pasta.

A simple but delicious marinara sauce pasta with peppers

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