Covid Culinary Creations: Week 1

For the next few weeks, instead of detailing one dish we made, I will go through an assortment of creation in my house, quickly going through the basic ingredients and flavor combinations. Hope you enjoy!

This is a dinner staple in our house that acts as our spaghetti and meatballs. The pasta is a basic marinara sauce base with chopped mushrooms and vegan sausage all topped off with a healthy amount of parsley. The eggplant is similar to eggplant parmesan without the toppings. Instead of frying it, we bread it with panko crumbs and bake it in the oven.

This was a green day for us (no pun intended) regarding our food. The meal started with a delectable asparagus soup. The asparagus was first roasted in the oven to give a depth of flavor then mixed together with some garlic and herbs and blended together to give a creamy texture, similar to a cream of pea soup. The pasta was also green themed with a base of homemade pesto sauce made with homegrown basil and fresh sauteed green beans and peas too add some sweetness and crunch.

One of my favorite dishes of the quarantine so far has been these loaded nachos. First, we baked the chips in the oven to make them crispy and hot. In a non-stick pan, we sauteed some beans, vegan chorizo, bell peppers, and onions for some crunch, saltiness and sweetness. Finally it was topped of with a tangy tomatillo salsa and a rich queso sauce and avocado slices.

We are not a big hot dog family but this recipe really hit home for us. The hot dog itself was a beyond burger sausage and the bun was a salty dense pretzel bun. For the toppings, we made caramelized onions for some sweetness and depth of flavor, jalapenos for spice, ketchup, relish and mustard. What really made the dish was the mustard we made in house. Instead of using a regular mustard, we grinded up indian mustard seeds. This added an intense kick to hot dog to cut through the various ingredients and add another element to an already time-tested perfect dish.

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