Covid Culinary Creations: Week 2

Veggie Salmon:

One of the most creative dishes I’ve done is the not really salmon veggie salmon made with baked sweet potato. We served it with a bed of greens salad with a raspberry-lemon vinaigrette and orange slices for acid and citrus. It was topped off with fresh sweet beets, some lentils and roasted peanuts for a much needed crunch. To finish it off, we added a crispy goat cheese ball on top which we panko-crusted and baked in the oven (sorry it’s not in the picture.)

Veggie Delight Ramen

Taking inspiration from one of the most interesting “chefs” of our generation, Jeong Kwan, we decided to make a veggie medley to top of ramen. The ramen broth was a basic veggie broth with some green onions and spice added and the noodles were a basic egg noodles But the topping was really the stars of the dish. The 5 toppings we made were the following: Shredded carrot, shiitake mushrooms that had a deep rich umami flavor, spinach and garlic, a Korean BBQ inspired seitan dish, and chilled spicy cucumbers with garlic.

Poori Kizhangu

This is a classic Indian dish which is similar to a Mexican Infladas. Poori is a fried dough which poofs up and creates a pocket of air inside with a golden-brown crust on the outside. It is regularly served with a Kizhangu (Kerangu) curry which is a potato gravy with some spices. There are multiple ways to eat it buth the two common ones are pouring the gravy on top of the Poori, or dipping the Poori into the gravy. Either way, it is a classic dish in South India and a family favorite.

Mushroom Pepper Fry

Opposed to the South Indian dish featured above, this mushroom pepper fry is more of a North Indian dish. Overall, it was a very simple dish to execute with bold flavor. The base was a trio of mushroom, green bell pepper, and paneer/cottage cheese, but the bold flavor came from the copious amount of pepper and indian spices like mustard seeds finished off with some cilantro.

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