June 17: Italian, Indian, and French in London


My Trip To London And Amazing Foods I Had


I was fortunate to visit London at the start of summer. It was a special vacation with just me and my dad. We went there to watch the ICC Champions Trophy, which is one of the biggest cricketing tournaments in the world. While visiting London, we took a quick detour to watch the French Open. Along with all the sporting events, we enjoyed the food scene a lot. After saying all of this, I don’t think everybody else was as happy as I was. We had just gone there after the terrorist attack on London bridge and it was a sad time. When we neared the London bridge, we saw all the flowers and cards for the people that died. This made me even sadder about the problems in the world we have.


Even with so much sadness inside us, we enjoyed the food scene to the full extent. The first restaurant we went to was pure freshness, the way they made the food and the ingredients says it all. Also, talk about al dente, I’m pretty sure Franco’s means al dente in Italian. The perfection it takes to make a pasta that perfect is jaw dropping. It’s like hitting the line on the championship point in tennis. There’s a fine line between in and out. Especially when you’re in the spotlight.


Franco’s Shrimp and Saffron Sauce Pasta:

The first restaurant we went to was Franco’s. There I had a great saffron sauce pasta with shrimp.


The highlight of the dish was saffron. Saffron is a unique fragrant pollen that comes from India, it is one of the most expensive ingredient just like truffle. It adds a reddish-orangish color to the dish. Which made this dish visually appealing, because I love orange. The saffron added the burst of flavor to the pasta sauce that every dish should have. This is one way that makes saffron so unique. I think it was fantastic choice it made the dish *that* more elegant. In India saffron is commonly used in sweets so this was a really different experience to have it in a savory pasta sauce.


Finally the shrimp. I love shrimp. I mean like, love love it. I mean like, love love love it. After all the amazing shrimps i’ve tasted, to taste one so good was pure joy to me. It was really, chewy but not so chewy that you have to sit all day chewing. Finally, they brought the flavor so well and mixed it in with the dish so well. This is what separates dish from the others. They brought the flavors so well. It felt like you were tasting every ingredient in one bite.


Le Boudin Blanc From Le Boudin Blanc:

Just some background information to start with, the dish I’m writing about is the Le Boudin Blanc, but the restaurant name is the same. The Le Boudin Blanc(restaurants not the dish) is located in Mayfair, London.



Today I’m going to write about sausages. I know what you’re thinking, SAUSAGES. THAT’S WAY TOO SIMPLE. EVEN I CAN MAKE THAT. After I describe the sausage, you’ll be thinking, “Hey, what do you know I CAN’T make that.” This the most unique sausage I’ve ever had. I hate to say it to all you chewy food lovers, but they’ve found a way to make sausage creamy, light and airy. It was a chicken and pork sausage that almost had the consistency of macaron filling. The sausage was served over a base of a wine sauce. It had the tangy,tingling taste of a wine but it was thicker,so I think it has a rue as a thickener. The richness and intense flavor of the sauce perfectly completed the light and airy sausage. On the side was some broccolini. The broccolini was simmered in garlic and butter to take away the bitterness and add flavor to an otherwise bland vegetable. The fact that it was so simple sat well with me, because then there would have been a mix of over complicated flavors.




Chicken Biryani in Chutney Mary:

The best Indian restaurant I went to in London was Chutney Mary. All the dishes there were Indian dishes with Indians flavors, but a hint of British influence.


Indian food is close to my heart. Out of all the different indian foods, I love Biryani. Especially lamb biryani. Well who doesn’t (other than all you vegetarians). With all my love for biryani, finding a biryani that I can write in my blog is hard. Even with my high expectations, Chutney Mary met and even exceeded my expectations.


Even though it was a biryani dish, the lamb was the star of the meal. It was tender, but at the same time chewy. This is what set apart the lamb from the others. It was not too tender, yet not too chewy. Also the herbs from the rice complemented the lamb to the extent that I thought the rice, herbs and lamb were in a compliment circle. After all the praise for the herbs. Ironically my dad thought the herbs were overpowering. I fully disagreed with him, but hey, we all have our own opinions. Finally, the rice was cooked just perfectly, that it was light and airy, but was not mushy like rice pudding.Perfect rice is one which has a bite to it but doesn’t feel undercooked. There was a hint of cloves and cinnamon in the rice. These were the herbs that mixed in perfectly with the lamb. There were also many other flavors that I couldn’t identify. All the herbs made the dish feel more like a fancy restaurant then a simple and delicious homemade meal, but all in all, it was a great dish.






































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