To Rave For Or Not To Rave For: Edition India Part 1


A modern uptempo Asian restaurant located in the heart of Chennai. Mamagot very unique restaurant that excels in some areas, but in others, let’s just say it needs quite a bit of work. One of the areas they executed in was the dumplings, specifically the shrimp dumplings with celery. The shrimp dumpling not only had a filling with a nice shrimp flavor and crunch of the celery, but also had a great warm wrapper that was just a little chewy. This combination was the hilight of the day.

Taste: 87/100

Service: 85/100

Ambiance: 96/100

2 Things I Liked 🙂

  • The dumpling wonton wrapper
  • The fact that the shrimp was not crunchy like it normally is on shrimp dumplings

2 Things That Could Use Improvement

  • Another fresh component like carrot
  • The presentation of the plate could have use some different colors


Murugan Idli Kadai (Shop):

This restartaunt needs no introduction as I have written this same restraunt in a previous post and is also a classic in India. The dish I had was basically the same as the onion uthhapam I wrote about in a a previous with one twist. The twist is gunpowder. Not actuall gunpowder silly. But molgapodi. Molgapodi is a mix of lentils dried red chillies, and salt combined to make a texture that resembles sand. It is a very simple ingredient to a dish but can make or break it. And in my case it completely made it.

Taste: 92/100

Service: 90/100

Ambiance: 70/100

2 Things I Liked 🙂

  • The spicnecess of the podi (gunpowder)
  • The flavor of the baby onions

2 Things That Could Use Improvement

  • A little less oil in the curries
  • The uthhapam could have used more podi for texture and spice.





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