A Little Greek Home With Big Greek Flavors


Lamb Shank:


I love lamb shank as you might have noticed from a few of my previous posts, but this one was special. Taverna is just a great little restaurant which feels like a big Greek home with great yummy food. The yummy food I tasted was the lamb shank as I previously mentioned.


This lamb shank was special because it was cooked perfectly all the way through. This includes the medium rare consistency was present in the meat for the whole shank except near the bone where it was extremely tender and very flavorful. The meat fell right of the bone, that’s how good it was. The chewy part of the lamb had just enough chewiness without you having to keep on chewing forever like a dog toy. Also, when meat is cooked to be chewy, it sometimes loses flavor, but in Taverna, I thought had an extra bit of flavor. Apart from the lamb, there was also a crispy eggplant. When eggplant is cooked in a tempura style, it normally becomes super oily and gross, but this time it fell apart at the lightest touch. I love this because eggplant is such an underrated food in terms of diversity but this fried eggplant really showed the eggplant in a new light. Finally, another thing I loved was the lamb sauce. As I have mentioned before in my posts, I hate lamb sauce which tastes exactly like lamb. However, this time the lamb sauce added flavors like garlic and lemongrass which surprisingly went so well with the lamb. There was also some lamb flavoring which balanced out the herbs.

Seafood Mix with Melons (Delicious)


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